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Born in Zhengzhou, China, Ms. Yun Liu began studying Guzheng since age six with the president of the Henan Children’s Art Troupe, Ms. Juan Du. Yun participated in various performances held by the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Henan TV Station, and won several awards in regional and provincial competitions. At age 15, Yun was invited by the Henan TV Station’s prime show Spring of Opera Garden to perform the iconic Henan Guzheng composition The Charm of Han River. Ms. Liu also studied piano with National First-level Composer Mr. Yi Lu, and voice with the Principal Soprano of Henan Song and Dance Theater, Ms. Lanfang Wu.

In 2008, Ms. Liu was admitted to the School of Music at Yangzhou University as the top ranking student during the entrance exam. At Yangzhou University, she focused on traditional Guzheng performance under Associate Research Professor Mingjian Fu, a famous Guzheng musician and educator, while also advanced her piano with Associate Professor Yinhua Zhu, and voice with Ms. Ye Yuan (Associate Professor of voice at Yangzhou University) and Ms. Dongfang Sun (Professor of voice at Central Conservatory of Music). Representative compositions during her collegiate years include The Arranged Marriage of Chen Xingyuan and Four Brocade. In 2010, invited by the Yangzhou Bureau of Ethnic and Religious AffairsDaming Temple, and the Yangzhou Guzheng Association, she performed in the Guzheng concerto Voyage to the East, composed and directed by the famous musician Zhanhao He (The Butterfly Lovers), who highly praised her skills. Also in 2010, representing the Yangzhou University, Ms. Liu won the first place in piano accompaniment and voice as well as music theory, and second place overall, in the Jiangsu Province Music Education Pentathlon Competition. Ms. Liu published two original songs, Song of Tuanshan (Uchiwa) and Misty Rain, during her collegiate years. In 2011, Ms. Liu received the National Merit Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship in Chinese universities. Ms. Liu graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education in 2012.

In 2013, Ms. Liu came to the U.S. to study ethnomusicology in the master’s program at the School of Music, University of Oklahoma, with full scholarship, under Dr. Paula Conlon and Dr. Eugene Enrico. Ms. Liu was the teaching assistant for Native American Music for two years before obtaining Master of Music in musicology in 2015 with 4.0 GPA. Ms. Liu’s master’s thesis is General Analysis on The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto.

Ms. Liu relocated to Houston in 2017 and is now a musician at the Houston Chinese Traditional Music Group (HCTMG), where she plays Guzheng solo, Chinese folk song singing, and piano accompaniment. She has since brought many traditional Chinese music performances to the Houston community, some of which are composed/re-arranged by Ms. Liu. In January 2019, invited by the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, Ms. Liu performed Guzheng solo at the 2019 New Year’s Concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relation between China and US, which received warm feedback from the main stream media. In April 2019, Ms. Liu was invited to record the talk show New York Lounge, hosted by the American Chinese TV network SinoVision, to share her experience of promoting traditional Chinese music in the U.S. In October 2019, she was also interviewed by the News China Magazine. In November 2019, her story was published in Chinese Music, which is the only magazine on Chinese music that publishes internationally. In the article, Ms. Liu was honored as an ambassador of traditional Chinese Music. Since 2021, several online magazines including Voyage HoustonCanvasRabel, and Bold Journey, have also shared Ms. Liu’s story with the readers within and beyond the Houston metro area. In 2024, Ms. Liu served as a judge for the Cultural China · Water Cube Cup Chinese Song Contest in Houston, USA, organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, and hosted by the Houston Chinese Times and the East Meet West Culture Exchange foundation.

Since 2018, Ms. Liu has created and adapted multiple music works, including guzheng quartets A Moonlit Night on the Spring River and Impression of White Snake, erhu and guzheng duets Endless Yearning and Love Song of Honglou, guzheng ensemble Melodies from the Silver Screen, vocal and guzheng piece Jasmine Flower, guzheng solo Romantic Breeze of Spring, as well as guzheng accompaniment for Soprano Parting at the Yang-Guan Gate.

Ms. Liu now lives in Katy, TX with her husband and daughter.